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Why is news from dynamic East Asia in such short supply?


Today’s media consolidation has limited the resources available to news operations for covering overseas news. The hundreds of reporters “embedded” with U.S. forces during the Iraq War have now been reduced to a handful. Most major news organizations no longer staff bureaus in major world capitals or even the hot spots like Iraq.

But it is in East Asia where the shortage of western reporters is most striking. During the Southeast Asian wars and the Japanese economic boom, the foreign correspondents clubs in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Seoul were bustling with activity. Now they are populated primarily by local businessmen.

As a result of the reduced coverage of non-business-oriented Asian news, very few editors and reporters today have the background to comprehend the sometimes confusing and increasingly critical issues developing in this important part of the world. Western readers have been denied quality insight and analysis based on an understanding of East Asia culture, politics, and history.

For these reasons, the Editors of World and decided to enhance its unique intelligence report with exclusive coverage of East Asia drawing on a network of Asia hands and who live and work in the Far East and veteran correspondents worldwide. Transmitted weekly by email, featuring EastAsiaIntel provides exclusive news and context from the likes of Washington Times National Security correspondent Bill Gertz, who’s clout is felt throughout Northeast Asia, and Willy Lam, one of the world’s most authoritative China watchers.

Look at it this way: Can you afford not to know from authoritative sources what is going on in Northeast Asia as we embark upon what some are calling the Pacific Era?

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