Headlines, April 4 edition

‘Comrade Leung Chun-ying’, who denies CCP membership, to lead Hong Kong after disputed election (FULL STORY)

INSIDE CHINA: Beijing uneasy about Burma’s drift toward West, plans ‘dollar diplomacy’ initiative (FULL STORY)

China, Russia to conduct joint naval exercise during N. Korea missile launch (FULL STORY)

Australia bans Chinese electronic firm Huawei over security concerns (FULL STORY)

Executions in China exceed all those in the world — combined (FULL STORY)

China’s state-run conglomerates edging out leading world corporations (FULL STORY)

China arrests more than 1,000 people for spreading coup rumors online (FULL STORY)

N. Korean training flights jump following Kim’s inspection tour (FULL STORY)

INSIDE NORTH KOREA: N. Korea using up half its annual national budget for epochal birthday celebration (FULL STORY)

North Korea has 10,000 missile experts, more than three times South Korea’s (FULL STORY)

Australia to open remote island as base for U.S. spy planes (FULL STORY)

Chinese national arrested on suspicion of industrial espionage in Japan (FULL STORY)



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