Headlines, Aug. 14 edition

China demands that Japan adhere to a passive defense posture (FULL STORY)

INSIDE CHINA: Beijing’s new policy for Tibet: ‘Winning hearts and minds’ of ordinary people (FULL STORY)

China to use 111-mile-long tunnel to bridge political, psychological gap with Taiwan (FULL STORY)

‘Practical’ geopolitics: China’s state paper puts a lid on spreading anti-North Korea sentiment (FULL STORY)

China’s new long-range strategic bomber enters service (FULL STORY)

China adopts more aggressive tactics along its border with India (FULL STORY)

Nine months later and 50 pounds lighter, American missionary faces health emergency in Pyongyang jail (FULL STORY)

North Korea initiating projects in Africa to ease diplomatic and economic isolation (FULL STORY)

INSIDE NORTH KOREA: Revised ’10 Principles’ impact daily lives of N. Koreans more than nation’s constitution (FULL STORY)

South Korea launches another in new series of Type 214 attack submarine (FULL STORY)

Philippines, in reversal, seeks to expand U.S. military presence  (FULL STORY)

Report: South Korea plans ambitious naval buildup  (FULL STORY)

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