Headlines, Aug. 28 edition

For Chairman Xi, the military is not just a priority, it is ‘the only fundamental objective’ (FULL STORY)

INSIDE CHINA: Harsh punishment not likely for Bo Xilai and ‘red aristocracy’ members targeted by anti-graft campaign (FULL STORY)

Intercepted weapons shipment from N. Korea highlights ongoing close strategic ties with Syria (FULL STORY)

As tensions mount over Senkakus, local opposition to new Japan base evaporates (FULL STORY)

Japanese public invited to major live-fire military exercise near Mt. Fuji (FULL STORY)

Russian bombers set off air raid sirens in Japan as talks on ‘Northern Territories’ approach (FULL STORY)

Taiwan missile exercise preps for conflict with Japan, not China (FULL STORY)

Report: Only one in 4 nations are enforcing ban on luxury exports to North Korea (FULL STORY)

INSIDE NORTH KOREA: Kim Jong-Un makes a ‘significant decision’ that has North Korea watchers guessing (FULL STORY)

China publicly ridicules diplomacy initiatives by Japan’s Abe (FULL STORY)

Sen. McCain tones down ‘irresponsible’ remarks on Senkakus for irate Chinese hosts  (FULL STORY)

‘Hand-in-Hand’? China, India take break from border feud for resumed joint exercise  (FULL STORY)

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