Headlines, Aug. 7 edition

China’s 3-satellite launch demonstrates multiple-warhead capability that could nullify missile defense (FULL STORY)

INSIDE CHINA: Dictators’ Club: Xi Jinping quarrels with two predecessors over choice of his successor (FULL STORY)

Chinese military attempted to hack Missouri water plant (FULL STORY)

New Iran leader meets N. Korea’s ceremonial head of state, reinforcing suspicions (FULL STORY)

Surging South Korea, in a reality check, to conduct a series of global polls (FULL STORY)

Xi promotes officers, strengthens chain of command in frontline areas (FULL STORY)

Wary of voter revolt, Taiwan’s Ma politely rejects Beijing’s olive branch (FULL STORY)

North Korea’s China-backed nanotechnology program sparks concerns about dual-use applications (FULL STORY)

INSIDE NORTH KOREA: N. Korean won loses: U.S. dollars, yuan increasingly dominating local economy (FULL STORY)

Abe clarifies nuclear policy at Hiroshima commemoration (FULL STORY)

Parliamentary election victory boosts Japan’s military relationship with India  (FULL STORY)

Philippines military delighted with arrival of its Hamilton-class U.S.-made frigate  (FULL STORY)

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