Headlines, August 10 edition

China military cracking down on Internet search terms related to nuke sub radiation leak (FULL STORY)

INSIDE CHINA: Botched psychological-warfare operation near Vietnam forces disclosure on taboo topic: PLA troop movements (FULL STORY)

Report: China building space plane believed capable of combat mission (FULL STORY)

Former official: Military exchanges with China ‘utterly failed’ to advance U.S. interests  (FULL STORY)

China sites showcase new high-altitude, reconnaissance UAV (FULL STORY)

Next chairman of Joint Chiefs notes China preparing for operations outside its region (FULL STORY)

Second China-Israel military summit seen geared to securing energy routes  (FULL STORY)

Kims’ visit to naval command sparks concerns of new provocation (FULL STORY)

INSIDE NORTH KOREA: N. Korean military document ties ‘Captain’ Kim Jong-Un to provocations against South (FULL STORY)

Report: China billionaires tend to die before their time (FULL STORY)

Moscow in talks with Pyongyang on Siberian gas pipeline to the South (FULL STORY)

Cable detailed heated split in Europe over lifting of China arms ban (FULL STORY)


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