Headlines, August 24 edition

‘Historic’ visit to Israel by Chinese chief of staff was third high-level bilateral exchange this year (FULL STORY)

INSIDE CHINA: China’s state-owned multinationals face massive loss of Libya contracts to NATO (FULL STORY)

Taiwan confirms U.S. buckled under Beijing’s pressure, killing F-16 deal (FULL STORY)

Report on new N. Korea missile lines backs Gates’ warning of ‘direct threat’ to U.S.  (FULL STORY)

Kim vacationed on his luxury yacht near exclusive villas as N. Koreans coped with floods and famine (FULL STORY)

Security analyst attributes corporate computer intrusions to ‘massive hunger for secrets and intellectual property’ (FULL STORY)

China takes aim at U.S. ‘AirSea Battle Plan’ developed for future Asian war  (FULL STORY)

Report: Intelligence finds signs North Korea will conduct nuke test next year (FULL STORY)

INSIDE NORTH KOREA: Urgency of Kim’s trip to Siberia is punctuated by Gadhafi regime’s impending collapse (FULL STORY)

Chinese military said to be arming Indian rebel groups with rifles, IEDs (FULL STORY)

Wen, Biden trade assurances on U.S. debt and economy (FULL STORY)

China report: Military focusing on cbyer approaches to psychological warfare (FULL STORY)

Biden met no dissidents; Beijing intimidated activists in advance of visit (FULL STORY)


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