Headlines, August 3 edition

Pentagon task force completes air-sea battle concept to counter China buildup (FULL STORY)

INSIDE CHINA: Multiple coverups defeat efforts by Wen Jiabao to conduct ‘major surgery’ on the Ministry of Railways (FULL STORY)

Taiwan Strait incident involved U.S. U-2 reconnaissance flight, China Su-27s and Taiwan F-16s (FULL STORY)

Decision to delay F-16 decision until Oct. 1 seen signaling U.S. rejection of Taiwan request  (FULL STORY)

China confirms building first indigenous carrier for ‘research and training’ (FULL STORY)

North Korea plans for satellite launch seen linked to development of ‘TD-2’ ICBM (FULL STORY)

Ma engangement policy with China criticized as ineffective following Su-27 incident  (FULL STORY)

North Korean college students mobilized to meet 2012 construction site deadlines (FULL STORY)

INSIDE NORTH KOREA: N. Korea has 165,000 ‘terror troops’ trained to paralyze South’s command structure (FULL STORY)

Son of ‘Dear Leader’ Kim Jong-Il heralded as ‘legendary’, ‘Young Captain’ by youth paper (FULL STORY)

China bullet train crash highlights nation’s unusually high accident rate (FULL STORY)

Mullen on China spy flights: ‘We won’t be deterred from flying in international airspace’ (FULL STORY)


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