Headlines, Dec. 21 edition

South Korean intelligence finds holes in official story of Kim’s death (FULL STORY)

INSIDE CHINA: Beijing firms up military ties with North Korea while backing ‘smooth transition’ (FULL STORY)

U.S. intel tracking evidence Iran shared UAV secrets with China, Russia (FULL STORY)

China military confirms plan for strategic naval base on Seychelles (FULL STORY)

China spins Hu’s comments ordering ‘extended preparations for military combat’ (FULL STORY)

Japan lawmaker urges military base on Senkaku islands to counter China (FULL STORY)

China university researchers successfully develop bird-like UAV (FULL STORY)

North Korean border guards make daring midnight escape into China (FULL STORY)

INSIDE NORTH KOREA: Pyongyang moves quickly to reinforce new role of Kim Jong-Un as head of military (FULL STORY)

U.S. defense spending bill requires Washington to assess China’s security risk (FULL STORY)

Flournoy assures Beijing U.S. ‘does not seek to contain China’ (FULL STORY)

China to deepen military ties with Sudan, approach S. Sudan (FULL STORY)


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