Headlines, December 12 edition

North Korea spent quarter of its annual budget on Unha-3 missile launch (FULL STORY)

INSIDE CHINA: Xi Jinping hits the ground running, telegraphs hawkish policy stances (FULL STORY)

China’s Xi to upgrade strategic missile force to enhance Beijing’s ‘core strength’ (FULL STORY)

Japan deployed nuke, chemical, biological specialists in advance of N. Korean launch (FULL STORY)

China blasts Vietnam-India oil exploration deal in S. China Sea (FULL STORY)

China provides J-10 fighters to Iran in return for Azadegan drilling rights (FULL STORY)

China’s acquisition of Canadian oil and gas producer is largest such deal to date (FULL STORY)

N. Korea, Iran intensified missile collaboration with exchange visits before Dec. 12 launch (FULL STORY)

INSIDE NORTH KOREA: N. Korea’s ‘atmosphere of terror’ and missile launch tied to Kim’s insecurity (FULL STORY)

China’s neighbors outraged by new boarding law targeting any foreign ship in S. China Sea (FULL STORY)

China unit that trained Hugo Chavez commandos, conducts exercise with Belarus forces (FULL STORY)

China atttempts positive spin on visit by Indian national security chief amid tensions (FULL STORY)


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