Headlines, February 27 edition

Xi honors Second Artillery Corps brigade that has launched 100 missiles (FULL STORY)

INSIDE CHINA: Beijing quietly ecstatic that Kerry is shifting U.S. focus back from Asia (FULL STORY)

China backing Israel’s strategic rail-port route as alternative to the Suez Canal (FULL STORY)

N. Korea thought to have spent a staggering $3 billion, or half its annual budget, on developing nuclear weapons (FULL STORY)

Unsubtle: New N. Korean propaganda video celebrates the nuking of President Obama and U.S. forces (FULL STORY)

U.S. X-band anti-missile radar in Japan will also protect key U.S. bases in Guam, Hawaii (FULL STORY)

Under pressure, Taiwan’s Ma denies secretly cooperating with China on island disputes with Japan (FULL STORY)

China’s aggressive bid for NATO member Turkey’s missile market arouses suspicion (FULL STORY)

INSIDE NORTH KOREA: China losing leverage over a nuclear North Korea which is, however, impacting its strategic interests (FULL STORY)

North Korea runs its first 24-hour pharmacy under a joint venture with Switzerland (FULL STORY)

Japan’s top admiral’s visit to India could pave way for strategic alliance  (FULL STORY)

Russia may sell its first SA-21 Growler air defense system to China (FULL STORY)

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