Headlines, January 23 edition

China basing ballistic missile brigade near defiant neighbors on the South China Sea (FULL STORY)

INSIDE CHINA: Judgment Day for princeling Bo Xilai: Hard time or a salute to Xi’s ‘Chinese-style rule by law’? (FULL STORY)

PLA blames ‘peace habit’ since last war in 1979 for impairing combat readiness (FULL STORY)

Clinton makes clear that ‘alliance with Japan’ is cornerstone of U.S. presence in the region (FULL STORY)

S. Korea to deploy Israeli guided missiles to target N. Korea border islands (FULL STORY)

U.S. pressed a reluctant China to back a UN resolution against N. Korea for satellite launch (FULL STORY)

Chinese military lavishes aid on dictatorship of strategic island Fiji (FULL STORY)

Report: Kim Jong-Un issued ultimatum to Obama; N. Korea seen preparing nuclear test (FULL STORY)

INSIDE NORTH KOREA: Remnants from latest missile launch reveal significant N. Korean ICBM capability (FULL STORY)

China in hurry to finalize oil and gas pipeline as Burma drifts westward (FULL STORY)

China declassifies PLA group army locations — or did they? (FULL STORY)

U.S. Navy minesweeper stuck in Philippines’ Sulu Sea (FULL STORY)


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