Headlines, July 3 edition

Park’s warm reception in Beijing, statement with Xi on N. Korea stings Pyongyang (FULL STORY)

INSIDE CHINA: Beijing blames religion and ‘hostile foreign forces’ after bloodbath in Xinjiang (FULL STORY)

China reverts to backing North Korea on nuclearization during President Park’s visit (FULL STORY)

China and Russia sign $270 billion deal for oil via Eastern Siberian pipeline (FULL STORY)

Young defectors, said to be orphans, make appearance on N. Korean TV after arrest in Laos (FULL STORY)

China ‘outraged’ by publication of Japan’s 2013 Defense White Paper (FULL STORY)

Japan, in first, poised to deploy ballistic missiles near islands claimed by China (FULL STORY)

North Korea’s terms for denuclearization: Dismantle the U.N. Command led by U.S. (FULL STORY)

INSIDE NORTH KOREA: Summit documents reveal N. Korea’s fears of being absorbed by China (FULL STORY)

China finally stops manufacturing star-crossed J-7 knock offs of Soviet MiG-21s (FULL STORY)

China courts Vietnam in bid to isolate the Philippines, and splinter ASEAN  (FULL STORY)

China rejects Philippine VP’s request for a mercy visit  (FULL STORY)

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