Headlines, July 6 edition

Cross-straits flights increase ties that bind China and Taiwan  [FULL STORY]

Report: Anti-ship missile based on stolen U.S. technology [FULL STORY]

Missed at CCP bash: Jiang Zemin, head of Shanghai faction and ‘princelings’ Godfather [FULL STORY]

Petraeus at CIA to to target cyber threats against U.S. networks [FULL STORY]

China tied to counterfeiting of Cisco router components for sale to U.S. Marines [FULL STORY]

North Korea padding the resume of heir-apparent to show he’s ready for prime time [FULL STORY]

North Korea holds first expanded politburo meeting since 1981 [FULL STORY]

China advances its claims on S. China Sea, warns U.S. not to interfere [FULL STORY]

China blasts U.S. support for Internet technology for censorship circumvention [FULL STORY]

Report: North Korea offering tax incentives to encourage greater investments by China [FULL STORY]

Japan-U.S. joint security statement cites China threat for first time since 2005  [FULL STORY]

Cable: China backed Pakistan efforts to avoid UN terror sanctions [FULL STORY]

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