Headlines, June 27

15 years later, the PLA is still far from winning Hong Kong hearts and minds (FULL STORY)

INSIDE CHINA: Power struggle gives rise to top generals, hawkish foreign-policy statements (FULL STORY)

Taiwan drones monitor PLA operations across the Strait (FULL STORY)

China-Philippines tensions worsen in the S. China Sea following typhoon’s respite (FULL STORY)

Key China official rushes to Bangkok to block U.S. bid for airbase used in Vietnam War (FULL STORY)

Philippines turns to U.S. and S. Korea to modernize weapons, counter China (FULL STORY)

Japan turns to Vietnam for strategic rare earth metals, reducing dependence on China (FULL STORY)

Japanese nuclear power amendment in response to N. Korea, China raises concerns (FULL STORY)

INSIDE NORTH KOREA: China reportedly slashed food aid to N. Korea following missile test (FULL STORY)

Poll shows dislike is mutual for Japan and China, but for different reasons (FULL STORY)

Russia convicts, releases spies for China who sought military secrets (FULL STORY)


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