Headlines, March 13 edition

First U.S.-Japan space summit: Shared security concerns may have been the catalyst (FULL STORY)

INSIDE CHINA: PLA generals go for the money, and Xi Jinping raises no objections (FULL STORY)

Now heading both party and military, Xi spells it out: ‘Obeying the Party is the soul of the PLA’ (FULL STORY)

Bombshell: Abe would revise article in constitution which ‘renounces war as sovereign right’ (FULL STORY)

China surveillance vessels start ‘routine patrols’, landing on disputed islands in South China Sea (FULL STORY)

China plans to survey all disputed islands in East and South China Seas ‘with the assistance’ of the PLA (FULL STORY)

China consolidating maritime forces to form what will be world’s largest coast guard (FULL STORY)

North Korea’s media imposes unprecedented news blackout on start of China’s Xi Jinping era (FULL STORY)

INSIDE NORTH KOREA: Kim Jong-Un reported to have $4-5 billion in slush fund accounts designed to elude sanctions (FULL STORY)

Hot air: North Korea’s latest volley of threats against the South don’t bear scrutiny (FULL STORY)

Defectors: N. Korea used political prisoners to build nuclear site  (FULL STORY)

China first all-female commando unit will be diverted from combat situations (FULL STORY)

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