Headlines, May 1 edition

Pentagon uses Chinese satellite to transmit data for U.S. troops in Africa (FULL STORY)

INSIDE CHINA: ‘Get ready to fight’: Foreign policy under Xi shifts from Deng’s ‘low profile’ to Mao’s aggression (FULL STORY)

Chinese cyber Unit 61398’s attacks on U.S. have continued at same level despite talks (FULL STORY)

Army’s reconnaissance chief seen playing central role in N. Korea’s brinkmanship (FULL STORY)

South Korea to buy Apache AH-64E tank-killing helicopters (FULL STORY)

China orders 60 Airbus jets from France in deal for ‘multipolar’ [anti-U.S.] strategic partnership (FULL STORY)

Russia augments its Pacific Fleet for first time since collapse of the USSR (FULL STORY)

Beijing, Seoul open second ‘hotline’, for first time connecting top political leadership (FULL STORY)

INSIDE NORTH KOREA: N. Korean paratroopers exercise near China to block defections, border villages demolished (FULL STORY)

Seoul rejects reports N. Korea has stopped preparations to launch its Musudan missile (FULL STORY)

Thailand snubs China on warship order, opting for S. Korean firm  (FULL STORY)

China’s new foreign minister rushes to SE Asia to soothe rising resistance to Beijing (FULL STORY)

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