Headlines, May 2 edition

China sold military vehicles to North Korea in violation of UN sanctions (FULL STORY)

INSIDE CHINA: Obama administration under pressure for kowtowing to Beijing over Chen Guangcheng (FULL STORY)

Blind Chinese activist’s escape, trip to U.S. Embassy revealed sophisticated network (FULL STORY)

PLA to launch major ‘ideological struggle’ to gain control of Internet (FULL STORY)

China opposing Japan’s appeals to UN on continental shelf issues (FULL STORY)

Russia rejects China’s request to buy S-400 missiles (FULL STORY)

Beijing furious as 2 Uighurs leave Guantanamo for safe haven in El Salvador (FULL STORY)

Kim Jong-Un’s uncle given control of top guard unit in N. Korea (FULL STORY)

INSIDE NORTH KOREA: Kim Jong-Un exports workers to import cash after spending half annual budget on celebration (FULL STORY)

Taiwanese general gets life sentence for spying for Mainland (FULL STORY)

China orbits two satellites with one launcher for Beidou GPS system (FULL STORY)

Japanese poll shows 92 percent want Tokyo to buy Senkaku Islands (FULL STORY)



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