Headlines, May 22 edition

Chinese submarine discovered shadowing the USS Nimitz near Okinawa (FULL STORY)

INSIDE CHINA: Beijing focuses its wrath on Japan (and U.S.) while switching to charm offensive elsewhere (FULL STORY)

Japan asks China for official explanation of anti-satellite test (FULL STORY)

After a break for damage control, the Chinese military hacking unit is at it again (FULL STORY)

South Korea deploys Israeli Spike missiles to counter North’s artillery guns (FULL STORY)

Kerry helps China join the Arctic Council as an observer state (FULL STORY)

China highlights 14th anniversary of ‘martyrs’ killed in U.S. bombing of Chinese embassy in Belgrade (FULL STORY)

Pyongyang now demands explanation from Seoul for closure of Kaesong Industrial Zone (FULL STORY)

INSIDE NORTH KOREA: North Korea missile tests seen advancing the threat south of Seoul (FULL STORY)

China highlights its report of maritime altercation with North Korean military (FULL STORY)

India-China: From the verge of war to the best of friends?  (FULL STORY)

Seoul blasts trip to N. Korea by Japanese PM’s adviser as undermining coordination among allies (FULL STORY)

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