Headlines, November 7 edition

Missile forces, air force on the rise as China reshuffles military commission (FULL STORY)

INSIDE CHINA: Behind the defeat of two potential liberal Politburo members, and Hu Jintao protégés (FULL STORY)

Beijing, Moscow pleased as Seoul opts out of U.S. missile defense plan (FULL STORY)

China to recently pro-West Mongolia: All past bilateral issues have been resolved (FULL STORY)

Daughter of assassinated First Lady and leading candidate for S. Korean president vows reconciliation (FULL STORY)

Moscow taps post-meltdown Japan’s energy demand with undersea gas pipeline from Sakhalin (FULL STORY)

Taiwan hit by another major Chinese spy scandal (FULL STORY)

China bars India’s visiting ‘father of missiles’ from aviation institute over J-31 intel fears (FULL STORY)

INSIDE NORTH KOREA: Pyongyang pampers elites with theme parks while hardships intensify throughout rest of N. Korea (FULL STORY)

China again blames Dalai Lama for increasing number of Tibetan immolations, international complaints (FULL STORY)

Pakistan one of few states to openly support China’s claims in S. China Sea (FULL STORY)

Israel set to buy four warships from South Korea (FULL STORY)


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