Headlines, October 12 edition

China in rare public accusation cites U.S. strike glider as part of plan for ‘global hegemony’ (FULL STORY)

INSIDE CHINA: Central Committee convenes in Beijing not to discuss politics or the economy, but ‘socialist culture’ (FULL STORY)

Campbell: U.S. ‘rebalancing’ national security priorities in shift from Mideast to Asia (FULL STORY)

Pentagon: Most of China’s advanced arms have been positioned near Taiwan  (FULL STORY)

North Korea’s ‘rich class’ said to be much larger than generally known (FULL STORY)

Hayden ‘in awe at the breadth, depth, sophistication and persistance’ of Chinese cyber espionage (FULL STORY)

Stream of reports cite Chinese arming of anti-Indian rebels groups  (FULL STORY)

Senior administration official denies report that U.S. meddled in Taiwan election campaign (FULL STORY)

INSIDE NORTH KOREA: Another top economic planner disappears from public view in North Korea (FULL STORY)

House leader: ‘China is on the march in Asia’ while administration ‘has beaten a steady retreat’ (FULL STORY)

Pentagon report warns China’s hold on rare earths creates ‘vulnerabilities’ to U.S. defense systems (FULL STORY)

Rogers ties Beijing to ‘brazen’ cyber espionage assault on U.S. public, private sector (FULL STORY)


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