Headlines, October 5 edition

Biden met head of intelligence-linked think tank known to feed CIA sources (FULL STORY)

INSIDE CHINA: Failure rate of China’s once-successful private enterprises reaches alarming levels (FULL STORY)

Russia increasing military profile near Japan and in Pacific generally (FULL STORY)

PLA-tied Huawei Technologies in 4G network contract with Michigan firm  (FULL STORY)

Landmark hotel in Pyongyang misses another deadline, this time for the centennial birthday of Kim Il-Sung (FULL STORY)

China university simulating cyber warfare in rare acknowledgment of capability (FULL STORY)

Analysis: China’s anti-ship missile is a ‘game-changer’  (FULL STORY)

Purge in North Pyongan Province sends shockwaves throughout N. Korea (FULL STORY)

INSIDE NORTH KOREA: Facebook postings by exiled son of Kim Jong-Il shed light on palace intrigue back home (FULL STORY)

Willard calls balance of power gap across Taiwan Strait ‘profound’ (FULL STORY)

China punishes U.S. despite diminished aid package; Pentagon plans new boost for Taiwan (FULL STORY)

Cash-hungry N. Korea expanding international tourism routes (FULL STORY)


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