Headlines, September 26 edition

U.S. agrees to extended S. Korean missile range to cover N. Korea (FULL STORY)

INSIDE CHINA: Ex-President Jiang’s reappearance makes waves as Beijing’s political intrigue heats up (FULL STORY)

S. Korea to fortify defenses of submerged ocean rock claimed by China (FULL STORY)

Massive cancellations hit airlines bringing Chinese tourists to Japan for ‘Golden Week’ (FULL STORY)

China finally deploys first aircraft carrier (FULL STORY)

Beijing paid boat owners to harass Japanese coastal patrols (FULL STORY)

S. Korean military fires at intruding N. Korean fishing boats (FULL STORY)

Russia grants N. Korea $11 billion debt settlement to allow expanded ‘economic cooperation’ (FULL STORY)

INSIDE NORTH KOREA: Pyongyang mum on economy at rare assembly, but return of purged ‘reformist gang’ signals change (FULL STORY)

China woos S. Korea in bid to split powerful Tokyo-Seoul-U.S. alliance (FULL STORY)

Burmese drug kingpin reportedly confesses to Mekong murders in Chinese court (FULL STORY)

Manila asks UN to rename South China Sea for Philippines (FULL STORY)

Despite island tensions, Japan and Russia hold joint naval drills in signal to China (FULL STORY)

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