Headlines, September 28 edition

China suspected in cyber attack on Japan’s major defense contractor, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (FULL STORY)

INSIDE CHINA: India and Japan are complicating Beijing’s vision for the South China Sea (FULL STORY)

White House defends limited Taiwan arms package; China criticizes sale, regardless (FULL STORY)

Report: North Korea planning yet another missile shipment to Iran via China  (FULL STORY)

Congressman decries rare earth monopoly as China weapon, U.S. security vulnerability (FULL STORY)

New U.S. strategy for Taiwan calls for asymmetric approach to island’s defense (FULL STORY)

South lacks defenses against reported North Korea advances with electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons  (FULL STORY)

South Korea said to be vulnerable to most of North Korea’s biological weapons (FULL STORY)

INSIDE NORTH KOREA: North Korea leveraging its location to geopolitical, financial advantage (FULL STORY)

N. Korea approached German company for specialty printing press for counterfeit U.S. $100 bills (FULL STORY)

North Korea’s economic dependence on China has deepened significantly following international sanctions (FULL STORY)

Seoul pressed to stop deportating Falun Gong members to China (FULL STORY)


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